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Stanley Meyers Water Fuel Visionary Murdered ?

July 8th, 2008

Stanley Meyers Water Fuel Visionary Murdered ?
Stan was the one of the first developers for building a car that would run on water the earth most abundant resource. People have said this or was crazy but it does work and in fact is heavily based on Tesla’s theory of resonance from the early 1900s. You take water or H20 and you crack it with electrical pulses which is the basis for the electrolosis and resonance pattern of water. When you crack the water it gives off Hydrogen and Oxygen both pure fuels for combustion ! Imagine running a car on water, and the by product is water vapor as the hydrogen reforms with oxygen. GENUIS ! Don’t believe it, do some research there are frauds but there is truth, watch the video below. Goto youtube or google and type in Stanley Meyers, goto and check what the guys are upto over there. It’s real and it works.

What happen to Mr Meyers, well he started to get alot of interest from Saudia Arabia, Govt. and Armed forces when images and film of him driving a water car hit the world. Can you imagine the thoughts of these people, what will we do without the need to sell oil, how can we tax water ?, imagine an Army that can run on oil un-stoppable ! Stanley was close to changing the world this is fact. I have personally talked with his brother who was there when he met with the Department of Defence at dinner in 1996. The result of that meeting was 4 hours later Stanley died from food poisoning. This is fact.

He was murdered, the water car was impounded from his house the next day by the DOD and never seen again. I tried to purchase the movie rights from Stanley’s brother the poor old guy till this day is so nervous he hung up on me. Stanley’s dune buggy lives in the ideas of 1000s of people now who have his patents and are working on them. Gas at 4$ is pushing the enevelope even greater……Stanley’s vision is going to happen in one way or another.

Stanley was murdered, but his vision and ideas live on.

$2 Per Gallon Gas ?

July 6th, 2008

I was driving on the 4th of July looking at all the signs $4.09 $4.13 $4.33 per gallon of gas. Will the prices of gas ever come down ? I doubt it maybe $3.75 if we are lucky in the fall and will all be saying how great that is ! But what if your car which gets on average 18 Miles Per Gallon now got replaced with a new one or modded version that got 36 Miles Per Gallon ? Gas is now $2 a gallon because you are getting twice the output from it ! You where paying 4$ to drive 18 miles, now your paying $4 to go 36 mile ! $2 of gas will get you 18 miles like before !

What if you car could get 75, 85, 100 Miles to the Gallon ! Gas is $1 or .50 cents a gallon. If gas prices will not come down then its up to automobile technology to save the day. And I am not talking about everyone driving a one person go-kart, I am stating we need a family standard car,van, yes SUV that gets 50 MPG now ! Do NOT tell me this is out of the question…more of this to come !

If we could attain this goal, gas is about $1.50 a gallon and we win. For Now…then will make oil obsolete later!

Rudolf Diesel Alternative Energy Visionary Murdered ?

July 3rd, 2008

Rudolf was the inventor of the engine that we now know as the Diesel. He was born in the 1800s and was the pioneer of creating a more efficient engine/machine to outdo the steam engine of the day. Diesel got a patent in the late 1800s and his engine design was licensed in Europe during the early century and gained more and more popularity for its efficiency.

Diesel is looked at as an Alternative Fuel Visionary for his work 100 yrs ago, this is also the crux of the problem we face today his work from 100 yrs ago is still cutting edge! He talked of using vegetable oil or bio-diesel 100 yrs ago and this would replace oil when supply started to dwindle. Wow someone really pushed the envelope with flex-fuel cars in 2005! The guy had the idea 100 yrs ago!

There are many theories on Diesels death, some say it was suicide since it was proven he was broke at the time of his death but family members say he was not depressed. Others say it was German agents who killed as he was off to visit the UK and they where nervous he would divulge secrets of the diesel engine that powered the German fleet. There are others who have information that Diesel was working on high pressurized Diesel engines that would push 150 to 200 MPG and the German’s where not supporting his projects. Frustrated he stated he was off to England where he would have support for his work. He never made it.

September 29th, 1913 Diesel boarded the post office steamer Dresden in Antwerp on his way to a meeting of the “Consolidated Diesel Manufacturing Ltd.” in London. He retired to his quarters at 10PM and was never seen again. A trawler spotted his body floating in the channel 10 days later. His body decomposed they took his personal belongings and left the body at sea.

So what happen to Rudolf Diesel? No one know’s for sure, was it German agents, was it desperation, or was it business and oil agents who wanted to suppress his work? Will never know but Rudolf Diesel was a Alternative Energy Visionary whose work was cut short and sadly has never evolved much 100 yrs later.

Is Hydrogen the future ?

July 2nd, 2008

For about a year Honda has been rumored to be bringing a hydrogen car to the US market and it seems as if they finally are. They are only available by lease at a cost of $600 per month and a very limited basis but this is a start. To prove the interest from the American public for green energy efficient technology Honda received over 50,000 requests for the car with less than 50 available.

Is this future ? The Gov. of California was the only one with the foresight to start to build a hydrogen infrastructure for refueling so all the cars will be in southern California for easy refueling. What would it cost to build a national hydrogen pipeline infrastructure ? I have read figures of 1 trillion to 400 billion dollars to build a system nationally to deliver Hydrogen power for cars and home/commercial heating. The cost of the pipeline is not the problem I feel its the end cost of the power unit itself and that is yet to be seen. I have yet to see a study on the price Hydrogen after it met large scale production. If it can be produced for the equalivant of lets say $1 or $1.5 a gallon of gas let’s move forward ! NOW ! Ohh did we forget the entirely green principal that it turns back to water after it burns, global warming easing at its finest ! I don’t think you can find a better win win source ? Or can you ?

These are the types of things America and the world have to investigate and get on the table now, not 10 or 15 yrs. The energy revolution could be the greatest technology breakthrough in the past 100 years but only if we act upon it. If we sit on our hands with a business as usual outlook nothing will change, big oil, Govt. and Detroit will handcuff us. Till the well runs dry or its 140 degrees outsides which ever comes first.

Embrace opportunity..

Is 30 MPG the best we can do ?

July 1st, 2008

About 3 months ago Sen. Clinton was trying to get a bill pass that would force Detroit to start producing cars that got 30 MPG or there about’s. I thought ok this is a start someone has finally taken the foresight to get things going here ! Then I read that these requirements would kick in 2025. What ? I thought she wanted it passed for 2009 !

This is the same country that built the first atomic bomb in 24 months, where Kennedy stood and said will put a man on the moon in 10 yrs, where the computer doubled in speed every 18 months for 15 yrs and the best we can do is add 10 MPG to the car in 20 yrs. TWENTY YEARS ! What is wrong with this equation ?

Have you ever wondered why the most primary machine in this country, maybe the world is still running on the same basic principles of Henry Ford its inventor from over 100 yrs ago. Henry Ford was a smart guy but in 100 years no one has stepped up and brought it the next level, and the level after that and the level after that. What’s truly at play here ?

Well the fact is there has been others, who have been rubbed out Sopranos style, technology suppressed till this day, and just a interwoven mess of greed, politics, consumption, corporate collusion and stupidity. In the next few weeks we will delve deeper into this mess and show you where it went wrong and what’s going right.

This could be a crazy ride ?

T. Boone Pickens Alternative Energy Visionary

June 30th, 2008

I guess you don’t become a billionaire unless you have something on the ball ? I must say T. Boone Pickens mutual fund mega-rich is one smart cookie. I saw him on CNBC the other night and he has really put his money where his mouth is. I don’t remember exactly how much money he and his Texas buddies are putting up, but it’s alot. His vision is to develop a windfarm that would generate up to 20% of the countries electric energy needs and not one to mess around he will be producing energy by 2015. Now that is the kinda action we love..get right to it !

20 percent of the countries electric power from wind turbines in 8 yrs is just incredible. This leaves us with only 80% of the equation plus future growth needs to figure out and will have no need for oil ! Here is a short transcription of the CNN article

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